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Veramendi Development Plans for Green Spaces

Veramendi Development Plans for Green Spaces

April 2, 2018

“Utilizing the natural beauty of the area is a major component of Phase One of the Veramendi development”, said Development Manager with ASA Properties, Max Harford.

In addition to Veramendi Elementary School, which opened this August, Phase One consists of about 500 single‑family homes and retail space. Harford said the first homes will most likely be completed by the end of next summer or early fall. Harford noted the Hill Country landscape will be incorporated into the plan.

“It’ll really open up…” Harford said. “You’ll be able to see the open space and parks. It just won’t be rows of homes.”

There are several areas of open space planned for the development, including regional and neighborhood parks. In addition, a trail system that’s meant to runt he length of the development is eventually planned.

“We’re actually working with the builders quite closely right now…” Harford said. “They’ll have different parks in their sections and looking at the design of what those look like and how that ties into the trail network that we’re hoping to build up over time.”

This is one of the reasons, Harford said, the development has been working to preserve the natural landscape.

“We made a big effort to save some of these (trees) to kind of give an established feel and provide that natural shade and amenity.”

A four‑lane road across from New Braunfels High School is the first planned entrance from Loop 337 into the development. Two others will follow, one with six lanes and another with four. The development is working with TxDOT to work on the necessary road improvements to Loop 337 that the eventual traffic will require.

Water management systems are also planned throughout the future development. Downstream sewer works have begun as well as on regional detention facilities. Harford noted the first phase won’t involve any roads over bridges, but will utilize culvert crossings.

“There’s currently a dam built back in the ’70s that’s at the back of the property that is pretty substantial retention or detention feature,” Harford said. “We will also be developing a pretty substantial detention facility for the whole of the property.”

Several builders are already locked in for the residential sections of the Phase One development. An extension of Oak Run Parkway, which has already begun, should be completed by middle of 2018.


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