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New Braunfels Farmers Market

New Braunfels Farmers Market

August 15, 2018

New Braunfels Farmers Market: A Delightful Activity

Visiting the local farmers market has become an activity that many have grown to love. The New Braunfels Farmers Market is one which is very much worth visiting, dare we say every Saturday? The farmers market itself is open from 9am‑1pm, every Saturday and it is one of the many gems scattered across New Braunfels. Read on to discover some of the benefits of shopping at the New Braunfels Farmers Market and what you can expect to enjoy whilst perusing through the bountiful amount of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Everyone knows organic is better for us as humans, but what about the local environment? It’s been proven there are a wide range of benefits to your local farming areas with the help of utilizing organic materials and pesticides. In addition to ensuring the environment, soil, and the water table is protected; the organically produced food tends to be much more nutritious and tasty. What’s not to love?

Choosing Local Over Commercial

When you choose to shop at your local farmers’ market, you’re supporting hard‑working, locally‑owned, family‑oriented businesses. These farmers, their staff, and families count on you and many others to help them continue to produce a beautiful assortment of naturally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. You’re helping them by purchasing their goods and you’re also helping yourself by being able to enjoy some of the best fruits and vegetables; straight from the farm to your table.

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